Thinking it’s time to get rid of your razors and wax sheets? Laser hair removal is a convenient way to get rid of unwanted hair for a long period of time and without discomfort. Laser hair removal is a perfect way to save time and money and will have you looking smoother, and your hair removed for longer than other hair removal alternatives. Whether you just want to remove hair on your legs or your entire body. You need to prepare yourself for your first laser hair removal appointment.

Here’s a list of ways you can prepare for your laser hair removal appointment to get the smoothest skin.

Shave the Area Getting Lasered Beforehand

The longer hair is on a body part, the more difficult. It will be too laser and faster the hair will grow back. Shave the body part or parts you intend on having lasered the night before your appointment to avoid sensitivity. Waxing and plucking will not allow the procedure to go as smoothly and cause side effects that could be avoided.

Stay Out of the Sun

It’s important to keep the area you intend on having lasered out of the sun at least a month prior to your appointment. If your skin is sunburned, or you have used a tanning bed, the results of the laser treatment will cause your skin to lighten and damage the skin.

Give Yourself Enough Time

The period of time laser hair removal takes varies based on the size of the area being lasered, the person’s skin follicles, and the type of hair on the area. This is discussed during the consultation prior to the appointment, in order to be prepared and schedule a suitable day and time for the process.

Prepare to Book Another Appointment Following the First

Laser hair removal often requires at least two to six appointments to effectively destroy the hair follicles for long-lasting results. Your hair will begin to thin out and lighten after each appointment and eventually the growth of the hair will halt.

Know What to Expect Post-Treatment

Removing hair results in some irritation that patients should prepare for prior to their first laser hair removal appointment. Bring a bag of loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to wear after the treatment which is less likely to irritate the lasered area. Avoiding perfumes and deodorants for 48 hours is a necessity to prevent disturbing the treated area. Showering using only lukewarm water is permitted to avoid irritation from hot water.

Don’t settle for two-day shaving and waxing results, when you can effectively have the hair removed by laser hair removal professionals at Waterfront Laser Aesthetics. This treatment will ultimately save you time, and money and have you looking your best without all the stress. Book your consultation today to know exactly how long your procedure will take, so you can book your beach vacation!