A facial extraction refers to a relatively simple process that helps remove debris from your compacted or clogged pores, using either a mechanical or manual process. Clearing pores from oil and dirt buildup will help give you a clean canvas for your products. Extractions are usually done during a regular facial.

However, if you have never had a facial before, then you will need more than just an extraction. So, this is everything that you need to know about what facial extractions are.

Extractions are usually performed because of comedones, which are usually referred to as blackheads. The one common thought about blackheads is that they contain mostly dirt. However, this is not quite right.

Your pores become clogged from having dead skin cells and excess sebum. If you have ever seen darker spots on your skin, these are usually formed because of oxidized air. Once it is oxidized, your skin will darken as it is exposed to air.

If you have pimples and pustules, then they can successfully be extracted. However, this is usually dependent on their depth and size. If they cannot be extracted, the top layers will be removed using a lancet to allow the extraction of internal contents.

You should also note that not all pores are able to be extracted in one go. In cases like this, they will need extra care. This means you will need a couple of treatments before they can be properly cleaned.

During your facial, your esthetician will first cleanse your skin. This usually means an enzyme is used and applied to your face using steam. This part of the process will take a few minutes. It is done to soften your skin to make the extractions easier to remove. Plus, your esthetician will steam your skin for no more than ten minutes.

When your extraction is being done, it is usually under a bright light and magnifying lamp. So, usually, you will be wearing eye pads or protective eyewear used to protect your eyes from the bright light. The light used will make sure that all of the pores that need to be deep cleaned will be easy to spot.

Before your esthetician touches your delicate skin, they will put on gloves. After, they will begin to apply gentle pressure to extract the contents of your pores. This is typically done with either a finger wrapped in gauze or a comedone extractor. The process is complete within 10 minutes.

A comedone extractor has two ends. The wide end is for the back area, and the smaller area is used for the face. The skin will be stretched, the loop will be put around the skin, pressed down and then drags, and the pore will be removed. When the skin starts to bleed, the infection has been removed, and you will be finished with extractions.

Another device that may be used for your facial is a facial scrubber, a metal device that uses vibrations to loosen and draw out dead skin cells and debris.