Getting rid of unwanted hair can sometimes feel like a never-ending battle. From shaving to waxing, you must have tried it all to get silky-smooth skin. But let’s face it – some techniques are better suited than others depending on your hair type, skin sensitivity, pain tolerance and budget. The right information will help you choose the best treatment for your needs. 

There are many different hair removal techniques – here is everything you need to know:


You can shave any part of your body, although this is something you’ll have to do constantly. You will always need razors and shaving cream because this process will never end. Hair will always grow back if you shave, and you’ll have to do it daily to maintain smooth and hair-free skin. Failure to shave for even just one day can result in stubble. While shaving is fast, you’ll have to do it forever because the hair will continue to grow back. 

2. Waxing

This is an effective hair removal method, although it can be messy and painful for many people. Many people do not have a tolerance for this hair removal method and cannot handle the pain. However, the results of waxing do last longer than shaving if you can deal with the mess and the pain. 

3. Epilator

This small electronic device can eliminate unwanted hair from your body. For some people, results can last several weeks. However, many people find this method to be very painful and find it difficult to use this device. The product itself is great, and epilators do work, but you will have to adjust to the sensation, and some people simply cannot get used to the pain or discomfort they experience. 

4. Electrolysis

This treatment can result in permanent hair removal, although the process is slow, and several sessions will be required to achieve results. It takes so long because a trained specialist must insert a needle into each individual hair follicle while applying an electrical current to it. The current travels through the needle and kills the hair at its root, after which the hair is pulled out with tweezers. 

Additionally, this treatment can be painful, and this feeling can last for hours, even after treatment is done. You’ll need to schedule multiple appointments and return often for more treatments on different body parts. Yes, the results are permanent, but only with repeated visits. This entire process can take years to complete, and treatments are expensive. 

5. Laser hair removal

This is one of the most effective hair removal treatments. A laser beam is applied to your hair follicles to prevent regrowth. It is safe and comfortable, and today’s lasers have special components like a cooling feature to make the process bearable. Many patients will not feel any pain and only a tingling sensation. If you feel pain, treatment can be adjusted based on your tolerance. 

The process is fast and convenient; results are permanent if you attend yearly maintenance appointments. Once your initial six appointments are complete, you will have smoother, hair-free skin.

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