The idea of ageing can be quite daunting to most people. As we age, we consider various strategies and techniques that can slow down the appearance of ageing and allow us to feel more confident in our appearance and health. However, what many do not realize is that there are several everyday elements that are contributing, even expediting the ageing process that can be avoided.

At Waterfront Laser, we are committed to bringing out the most beautiful parts of you with effective cosmetic solutions. For longer-lasting results and to receive the most of your treatment, it’s important to understand the certain lifestyle choices and daily habits that may be ageing you. Here are some everyday elements that may be ageing you:

1. Excess Stress

Although some amounts of stress are healthy and natural, excessive anxieties and stress can expedite the ageing process and have a negative impact on one’s appearance. This can be difficult to regulate and control, especially for those that are clinically diagnosed with anxiety or a stress-disorder. However, finding any avenues to combat the frequency of excessive stress or the weight it carries can benefit you overall and slow the ageing process on your skin. Getting stressed frequently weakens the skin barrier and reduces collagen production, which allows creases to develop much more quickly. To combat stress, try the following strategies:
Allow your shoulders to relax and sit comfortably as often as possible.
Focus on deep breathing and practice it as often as possible, especially as a way to combat stress and anxiety. Apply calming lavender oils to your palm areas and massage into the face and neck while inhaling and exhaling deeply.

2. Sipping Through A Straw

Sipping through a straw, or any form of pursing your lips can cause wrinkles and lines around the mouth area. The creases that form are caused by repetitive muscle actions that create wrinkles over time. Try to avoid using a straw, brush your teeth straight after consuming a sugary beverage and keep your lips smooth with lip balm.

3. Smog

Although smog is not something you may experience every day, it’s still important to be aware of what to do when there is smog. Chemicals in the air can trigger free radicals and reactive oxygen types that can age you when you become exposed to it. Protecting your skin from air pollution is crucial. Try the following tips:
Cleanse your skin at night before bed to rid of any polluted particles that are still on your skin.
Use an antioxidant to fortify your skin.
Invest and apply a barrier repair cream to your skin to keep it strong and protected.

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