Toners are not what they used to be anymore. Toners used to be made from astringent ingredients and felt harsh to the skin. Today, they are a staple when it comes to a good skincare routine, and they are not only just for treating any specific skin condition.

What is Toner?

Finding the best toner for your skin type and goals can be a challenge. These are some of the best toners out there that will help you achieve smooth, hydrated, and glowing skin regardless of the skin concerns that you have.

Toner has the consistency of water usually, and you can apply it using your hands and pat it on your face or you can use a cotton round and apply it using that before you apply other thicker products in your skincare routine.

Toners can give you a quick and weightless dose of hydration to your skin, and clear off some of the dead skin cells while giving you a great prepped base for your heavier textured products like your moisturizer.

Toners are not meant to replace your daily moisturizer, but they can help boost its efficiency by providing it with a great base to go over. High-quality toners will contain acids, glycerin, anti-inflammatories, and other beneficial ingredients.

What Does Toner Do for Your Skin?

Any complete skincare routine should include a facial toner. Although because of its thin texture, you might be left wondering what exactly it does compare to the hard hitters like your cleanser or moisturizer, toner can make a big difference.

Along with acting as a boosting product for your skincare products, using your toner daily will have noticeable effects on your skin’s health, hydration, and texture. It will ultimately depend on what ingredients are in your toner, but in general, the benefits of toner for the skin can include:


Facial toners can act as a great product alongside your cleanser. Usually, facial toners would contain high levels of alcohol to help get rid of the oil that can clog pores and cause acne. Today, they are more formulated to gently yet deeply clean your skin to remove any excess oil, dead skin cells, and leftover makeup. You should apply toner right after you finish cleansing to help finish off the job, and leave your skin fresh and clean.


Many gentle and versatile toners on the market right now are great for giving your skin an added boost of hydration. Try to look out for a toner that has humectants in it. Humectants are agents which can help improve your skin’s natural moisture barrier and its ability to retain moisture. Look for toners that contain a low amount of alcohol, especially if you have skin on the dryer side.


This is no surprise, but toners can also tone the skin. Meaning that toners help to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of irritation, which can cause blotchiness and redness.

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