Regular facial clients who are considering getting BOTOX like to do their research before they book their first facial appointment following a BOTOX treatment. For good reason too, getting certain facials too soon after BOTOX can cause your BOTOX to shift or dissolve quicker.

Not to worry for the facial and BOTOX lovers out there, you can safely use BOTOX and get facials. That is if you wait enough time. To understand just how long you’ll have to wait, it is best to understand how each service works!

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a skin injectable that is used by people looking to decrease wrinkles. BOTOX works to decrease wrinkles by numbing specific facial muscles, therefore, preventing subsequent skin creases and wrinkles. It is extremely effective and clients will see results soon after the procedure.

BOTOX takes between three and seven days to fully take effect. Following BOTOX, clients may experience facial tenderness, and bruising around injected areas. Excessive and unnecessary touching of the area is not recommended immediately following a BOTOX procedure.

What are the Different Kinds of Facials?

There are a number of different facials. Some facials like facial peels target the top layer of skin, whereas others like the IPL photofacial target the skin much deeper down. Different facials target and reach different areas of the skin. The different ingredients and techniques will have different effects.

Benefits of BOTOX and Facials:

Your skin will benefit from both BOTOX and facials. BOTOX will prevent wrinkles by preventing them from the beginning and facials can help combat many other skin concerns like scaring, unwanted hair, and firmness.

How long you should wait after botox for each facial

Rule of thumb, don’t get a facial right after or even the day after BOTOX. When it comes to the week following your procedure, here is how each facial stacks up:

BOTOX and Photofacial

Wait at least 24-48 hours after your BOTOX before getting a photo facial. That being said, you can get a photofacial anytime before and leading up to your BOTOX.

BOTOX and Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion treatments buff out the first layer of your skin, because of their nature, it’s recommended to wait at least seven days after BOTOX treatments because the BOTOX may not settle in the correct location otherwise.

BOTOX and Laser Hair Removal

At least three days, or until your BOTOX injection site heals. The effects of laser on BOTOX have yet to be studied, but to make both experiences more comfortable, you should wait at least three days to undergo laser following BOTOX.

BOTOX and Facial Peels

Seven days. Wait a week after your BOTOX treatment for more intense chemical peels, this allows your body to absorb the BOTOX before you introduce new ingredients to the skin.

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