Intense pulsed light (IPL) is an effective way of reducing the look of acne scars and sunspots and is a favourite for patients looking to clear up the red post-acne scars visible on their faces. If you are tired of wearing foundation every day to cover these spots and want your red marks to fade, IPL is the treatment for you.

There are many creams and products available in today’s beauty market, although they are usually not effective for those with acne scars. In order to see results, laser treatments are the only way to eliminate the marks and achieve clear skin. IPL specifically targets the redness caused by acne scars and helps reduce their appearance by changing them into the colour of the patient’s skin so that it blends in. During the process, the lasers get absorbed into the skin cells within the scars and the energy of the laser is applied at specific levels that cause the darkened pigments to break down, after which the patient’s body will naturally get rid of them. In some cases, the texture of the scar may remain the same, although the colour will improve significantly.

In order to see results, several sessions are necessary over a certain period of time, after which the difference will start to become noticeable. Patients will no longer have to turn to concealers or foundation and their confidence levels will increase as the scars start to fade. The treatments are not painful, so for those who fear the thought of a laser beam searing their face, you can have peace of mind knowing the process is very tolerable. The laser flashes feel like quick tingles of static electricity and while you can definitely feel its application, it’s so fast that there’s barely time to feel any discomfort. Numbing cream is not part of the process because there is no need for it and the laser is used in split-second flashes on each of the troubled areas, making the zapping sensation easy to bear. The treatments may not necessarily be fun but they are a lot less scary than what one might assume.

IPL is popular not only for its effectiveness but also for the recovery aspect, which is a huge bonus. In most cases, there is zero recovery time and even though you may experience a warm feeling in the areas that were treated, the soreness will be gone by the time you leave the appointment. You won’t experience any swelling and can even apply makeup if you want to. The only thing you need to be careful of is UV exposure, which will affect the results of your laser treatment, so you cannot have any sun exposure beforehand and SPF must be applied thoroughly afterwards.

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