Both electrolysis and laser hair removal are effective methods of permanent hair removal. They both provide long-lasting results that are more efficient than shaving and both treatments require multiple sessions. Knowing the differences will help you select the method that’s best for you because one may work better for your skin and hair type.

Electrolysis is a more precise process because each hair follicle has to be tackled individually, meaning the treatment will take a lot longer than laser hair removal, which normally requires fewer sessions. If you want to cover a large area, the laser might be a better option to consider, whereas electrolysis may be the better choice for a specific focused area.

Electrolysis is also the only option if the hair is blonde or lighter than the color of your skin. If your hair is darker than the color of your skin, you can proceed with laser hair removal, which only works for dark hair.

Here is a quick breakdown of the two methods to provide you with a better understanding:


  • Each session is normally 30 minutes long and most people will need anywhere from 15-30 treatments over a two-year period for the treatment to take effect
  • Offers complete hair removal
  • Not meant for hair removal in large areas
  • Side effects can include redness and swelling as well as an increase in ingrown hairs
  • Treatment will cause some discomfort

Laser Hair Removal

  • Each session is normally 15 minutes long and most people will need anywhere from three to seven treatments three to eight weeks apart, depending on the area
  • Only works on black or brown hair
  • Meant for large areas
  • You may experience regrowth
  • Side effects can include redness, swelling, itching, acne flare, and a change in the pigment of your skin
  • Treatment is tolerable compared to electrolysis

These are just some basics of each method to help you see which option would work best for you. If hair removal is something you’re interested in and want more information from a professional, Waterfront Laser in Winnipeg can help. They can provide you with all the information that you need to help you make an informed choice.

The goal is to see results and laser hair removal is a very popular option that patients feel comfortable with. If you have more questions, contact Waterfront Laser for answers today!