Microdermabrasion has been all the rage in skincare lately. If you feel as if your skin looks dull, lifeless or older than you think it should, you can help rejuvenate it by getting a microdermabrasion treatment. Afterwards, newer, younger-looking skin will appear as it replaces the old, dead surface skin. Microdermabrasion is a great way to uncover this younger-looking skin instantly without any recovery time and without the risk of getting scars having any side effects.

Learn about how microdermabrasion might be the right treatment option for you.

Microdermabrasion Basics

Microdermabrasion refers to the exfoliation process that can gently remove the outer layer of your skin, and take away any dull or dead skin cells. This treatment will use tiny crystals that can break up these cells to reveal the smoother, younger-looking skin underneath. The crystals will be gently worked into your face by an experienced aesthetician using a handheld device. This allows you to remove dead skin cells from the face and neck without causing damage to the fresher, healthier skin underneath it.

Getting Results

Every microdermabrasion appointment will begin with a thorough evaluation of your facial skin. This is done to make sure that the procedure is the right one for you and your needs, and you might consider getting microdermabrasion to help with:

  • Reducing wrinkles
  • Decreasing your pore size
  • Eliminating brown spots
  • Minimizing scarring, or acne scarring
  • Treating hyperpigmentation

After your first treatment, your skin will immediately look brighter, feel tighter and look more youthful. To make sure your skin stays well-moisturized, you will usually get high-quality moisturizer immediately after the procedure is finished. You can also amp up your microdermabrasion results by pairing it with other services, like a facial or chemical peel.

There is also no recovery time after you get a microdermabrasion, which means you can get back to your regular routine right after your treatment without needing to be careful or limit yourself. You might experience some redness after treatment, which is normal and will go away on its own without any further action. Your skin will keep healing in the days after your exfoliation, and your results will improve day after day.

As your dead skin cells continue to die and fall off, you might find that you are experiencing some flakiness on your face, which you can help treat by using a moisturizer daily. Using protective sunscreen is also a must, as microdermabrasion can make your skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays right after treatment.

Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective way to reveal younger-looking skin for every single skin type. These exfoliating crystals are incredibly fine and they will not cause any damage to the skin. Since microdermabrasion has no incisions or anesthesia, there will never be a risk of scarring or infection. The treatment itself is painless and it can take less than an hour. After your first treatment, you can expect to see immediate results and brighter, more vibrant-looking skin. In addition, you can pair other treatments with it to see incredible results.